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Digital First AI is a growth tool that delivers personalized marketing strategy within minutes and helps you execute it using AI.

Your personal
marketing assistant

Boost your revenue, traffic and content that is tailored to your customers.
100% self-service and you don't need to be a marketing ninja. Sounds good?
There's even more.
time saving
Create marketing strategy with few clicks - don't spend your time searching in google for best marketing tactics. Use power of AI to create marketing strategy within minutes. 100% Self-service!
500%+ less
money spent
Replace expensive agency with robo-advisor - implement tacicts immiediately and see the fast result. It's way cheaper than agencies.
Increase revenue
in hours
Boost your growth using AI - our system will recommend you personalized business tactics based on your data.
10X faster content generation
Create content for your blog, social media, website, and more, using our AI algorithms that create copy automatically for you.
Beginner's friendly! For marketing dummies, too.
This is why we created this. Multiply your ideas, not marketing skills and use DF.AI with little marketing expertise. It's like having your marketing asisstant working 24h for you!
Permanent growth recommendations
New markets, new segments, product experiments? Sure thing. Use DF.AI to constantly get better in marketing results.

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What is coming in 2022?

Q1 2022

1-Click Content Generation with AI

On the base of your business data, Digital First AI automatically creates content for your websites, copywriting, social ads & posts, e-mail scenarios etc. All in a matter of minutes.

Q1 2022

Canva, Webflow & more integrations!

Integrate with your favourite content creation tools straight from our tool. You can use our pre-built templates for the tactics from our library or create them with AI,

Q2 2022

Better AI recommendations (2.0 version)

We have a working recommendation system from the day one of our platform, but we already have hundreds of ideas how we can improve on it, so you can expect a lot of work to be done in this area.

Q2 2022

Analytics & Ad Platforms Integrations (Google, FB)

Want to see how our Tactics improved your digital activities? Say no more. We'll be integrating with the biggest and most popular ad platforms soon!

Q3 2022

Mobile Application with all DF.AI functionalities

You're gonna like this one. What if you had your marketing asisstant in your pocket? We will be releasing the mobile app of our platform with 100% of features from the destkop one.

Q4 2022

Business Market Potential Analysis

So you have a brilliant idea for a business, but still are not sure wether this could be the next big thing? Use our Market Potential functionality and make the mind up!

Introducing... The Loop™.

Meet our original marketing framework that can help you grow your business.

Plan and validate your business and products

We deconstructed the biggest brands in the world and created 100+ parameters that can help you dive deeper into your business.

Get growth tactics
and funnel recommendations

Should I run a webinar or create a Facebook Group? On the base of your input data, DF.AI generates your personal digital funnels filled with Marketing Tactics and their instructions.

Auto & Smart
Content Generation

Use your favourite tools to create content for websites, copywriting and blogs.

Permanent Growth Machine

Experiment on new segments, deliver your product to new markets, introduce your brand to new digital channels. It's like having new marketing ideas on a daily basis!

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Digital agencies usually charge 2000$ per month for that.
In this crazy deal, we ask 99$, just once.

Optimize your budget spending
Get limitless marketing recommendations
Have your whole digital growth plan in one place
Use the best & proven tactics from the best brand
Assign marketing tasks to your team
Use organic ways of improving your traction and revenue
Find ways of creating new sources of income
Focus on doing business, not learning marketing skills
You have more businesses than one? Manage them all with a single account

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The Roadmap.

See what's already realeased, what's in progress and what's coming!

See 5 examples of Growth Tactics from DF.AI.

100+ Marketing Tactics and growing every month!
Supported by the best Growth-Hackers and Marketers all around the globe.
You will find full instructions for each tactic, benchmarks and potential effects.

Promotion in someone else's podcast

Sometimes the best solution, when you don't have your own popularity yet, is to promote in someone else's community

organic growth
Pre-order SaaS campaign

Preorders are often done for games, books and other products, but could they work for SaaS products?

Lead Magnet method

This is a material that will not make the user pay you yet, but will prove to them that you are a supplier worthy of attention and will allow you to get their contact, which you can later use to strengthen relationships and eventually sell your product or service

First 250 email subscribers tactic

Building your newsletter base is easy when you have an advertising budget and you can pay for the ad broadcast. But what if you need to get the community from scratch without spending a budget?

base building
Evergreen Video Tactic

Prepare an evergreen strategy for acquiring new contacts and converting them into returning customers. Educate users at the stage of interest so that they are more likely to pay for your main product.

organic growth

Got a question?

What am I getting with this 1-year deal?

First of all, we're developing things REALLY fast, and with the one-time payment of 99$ you get access to all future updates of DF.AI, which means you will be getting new things every month. This is a limited offer and we don't think it will ever come back. After the pre-sale campaign, the annual plans change to monthly plans, so... you save a lot now.

When is the launch? When am I getting access to this?

After you get the pre-sale deal, we will immediately send you access to our platform in it's MVP phase (Marketing Tactics Library). In February we will launch a massive 1.0 release with all the core functionalities (Recommendation System, User Flows, Funnel Management & more) and you will have access to those.

Do I need to be a marketing pro to use this?

HELL NO! This is the reason why we created this. We know how entrepreneurs struggle with their marketing activities because they have no time with learning all those new trends and channels and building your internal marketing team is not easy either.

Does it even work? Why should I trust you?

We're marketing freaks who spent hundreds of millions in digital media having worked in several marketing agencies together. The last years we spent on deconstructing the strategies of some of the biggest brands in the world and we now want to transform that knowledge to a broader audience.

Is this the next big thing? :)

We really believe in this and we're 100% commited to building this for years. The time will tell :) You can be one of our first users who gets the presale deal and be proud about this! :D 

Can I download the platform as an app on my smartphone?

At the moment, the platform is available in a desktop version, but we plan to build an application in the near future.

How can I cancel my subscription?

In your account settings you will find payment settings where you can change or cancel your plan.

How does the 100% money-back guarantee work?

We're here to help you succeed! If after 3 months of using our platform and it has not been helpful, we will refund 100% of your investment.